Welcome to our vibrant community of quilters! We are excited to share with you our monthly subscription products that are designed specifically for those who love quilting. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of today’s quilter, providing the perfect mix of creativity, inspiration, and fun.

With all of our Quilter’s Boxes, you’ll receive everything you need to expand your quilting skills, while participating in a supportive community that will inspire you to create your best work. With our signature Strip Club, you get a roll of 2-1/2″ strips, a pattern, my tips for successfully completing the project, and a surprise gift. Our Charm Club offers fabric and pattern that you can use to make smaller projects. And, our Combo Club combines the best of both clubs! 

We believe that quilting should be a joyful and uplifting experience, and our products are designed to reflect that. Join our community of quilters today and let’s create something amazing together!


Welcome to the Strip Club, where creativity is at its best when shared. Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with everything you need to expand your skills and foster your love for quilting. Each month you will receive a roll of 2-1/2″ strips, a pattern, my tips, and a surprise item. $49.99/month; value of at least $69.99

Prefer a smaller project each month? Our Charm Club is for you. With this club, you’ll receive two charm packs (5″ squares) each month, a pattern, my tips, and a special surprise. $49.99/month; value of at least $69.99

The Combo Club is the best of both worlds! You’ll receive a 2-1/2″ strip roll one month and a charm pack (5″ squares) the next month. For both clubs, you’ll get fabric, a pattern, my tips, and a special surprise each month. $49.99/month; value of at least $69.99

The Strip Club is now open again! 

Sign up by July 14th to receive the Strip Club for the next 5 months (August-December 2024). After that, the Strip Club will close again until 2025! 

You’ll be billed July 15, 2024, for the first box. In subsequent months, you’ll be billed on the 15th of each month for the following month’s box (e.g., you’ll be billed on August 15 for the box that ships the first week of September). 

Pay just $49.99 + shipping for each box. That’s a savings of at least $20. The retail value of each box is at least $69.99 USD. The Strip Club is a great value if you like to sew with precuts!

Shipping within the United States is just $7.99/box. Or, you can choose local pickup to pick up your box in Chambersburg, PA, or at a retreat. Be sure to choose the Free Shipping option if you will pick up your box.  

Yes! Boxes can be picked up in Chambersburg, PA, or at any of our many retreats throughout the year. There is no shipping charge for this option as long as you choose the Free shipping option. 

Boxes will ship between the 1st and 7th of each month. 

Quilters of all skill levels will enjoy the Strip Club! 

You will be billed July 15, 2024, for the first box and then on the 15th of each month for each subsequent month’s box.

Each month is different and you will get different fabric, pattern, and surprise.

There might be an item or box that is not your favorite. In those cases, we encourage you to make a quilt for charity, gift or donate the item, or resell it.

Over time, we think you’ll find value and enjoy the program. 

You may not cancel. Your subscription is valid for 5 months. If you want to continue after that period, you’ll need to sign up again. You’ll get a reminder to renew. 

Of course, if any item in your box arrives damaged, send us an email and we’ll make it right! 

Yes. Send us an email and we’ll set up a custom payment form for you.  

Yes. Simply put the mailing address of the recipient in the order form and use your billing information. Send us an email if you have any issues. 

Each box ships in a branded box and is a gift by itself! We do not offer any additional gift wrap options. However, we can include a card inside the box if it’s a gift. Simply, send us an email with the details. 

Strip Club boxes are not returnable. However, if anything in your box is defective or otherwise damaged, send us an email and we will make it right.

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.